Wedding Dress Shopping: How to Be Prepared

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You have probably dreamt about it since you were a little girl: wedding dress shopping. You’ve made your appointment, but are you prepared? In this wedding how-to video, Brittany will let you know what you can do to be prepared for wedding dress shopping. Just one more way the Wedding Shoppe is making sure you find exactly what you’ve been looking for.
There are four things to do when preparing for your bridal appointment:

1. Do your research.

You finally have an excuse to buy every bridal magazine on the shelf, be on Pinterest for hours, and browse every page of! Print out photos, rip out pages, and show us the bridal gown styles you love! Your research will help our personal shoppers understand your bridal style.

2. Choose your audience wisely.

Have you seen those reality shows that feature the newly engaged doing their wedding dress shopping? Ever notice how the brides with the large audiences usually have the most stressful/confusing experiences? The Wedding Shoppe recommends that you bring 2-3 people to your appointment. Any salon can get a little crowded on a busy Saturday, so make it more intimate with a smaller group. When it comes to choosing the people in your group, choose wisely. Make sure you bring people whose opinions matter most to you, as well as people you trust! This is your dress and your day. Make sure they have YOUR best interest in mind.

3. Come prepared.

What exactly does this mean? If you have bridal undergarments, a veil, a belt, or shoes you plan to wear on the big day, bring them with! Have an idea for your bridal hair? Wear it that way! You will get a much better idea of how the gown will look if you bring all of the wedding accessories you plan on wearing. Bridal undergarments are a very important to bring with. Remember, our personal shoppers will be helping you in and out of every gown, so wear bridal undergarments you don’t mind being seen in.

4. Come in with a sense of adventure!

Wedding dress shopping is supposed to be fun, but it can get stressful and frustrating. Many of our brides come in with specific bridal gown styles in mind, and when those styles don’t work, they get discouraged. This is normal! That’s why our personal shoppers are trained to find bridal gown styles that work for your body type, personal style, and price range. Many will suggest bridal gown styles you haven’t even considered! Always remember to keep an open mind and to have fun!

Feeling more prepared for wedding dress shopping? We hope you find exactly what you’ve been looking for!

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