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Spring is a really fantastic time of year to have a wedding, because you really have the greatest abundance of flowers in terms of the colors and in terms of the variety of blooms that you could use. So spring is just absolutely a cinch. If you come to your florist and you say, “I’m having a wedding in the spring,” they should certainly be filled with a warm feeling.

In spring, as with every season, really just go with what’s seasonal. Go with what flowers are available in abundance. In spring, that’s any kind of a bulb flower. It’s going to be absolutely everywhere, something like tulips. Tulips are a great thing to use in the spring, because they are very inexpensive typically, and certainly in the spring they are quite inexpensive. I feel like tulips really give you a nice bang for your buck.

Tulips are a flower that you can use in a sleek fashion. So when they’re a little more closed, they have a really modern look. Then if you want to wait until tulips bloom a little bit or open a little bit, they have a more fluffy, kind of rose-like look to them.

So tulips are a great option, and there are many, many other bulb flowers that are available in the spring that have a really cheerful look, things like hyacinth. They have a beautiful fragrance, and they’re a bulb flower that are available in abundance in the spring. So anything that you would think about in your classic idea of what is a flower that blooms in the spring, lilies, tulips, hyacinth, those kinds of bulb flowers are really a great option for the spring.

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