ASMR Doing Your Wedding Guest Makeup: Personal Attention

Hello Lovelies… Tonight’s high quality ASMR entertainment is a relaxing ASMR doing your makeup ASMR roleplay. This ASMR roleplay starts with a mini ASMR facial as I prep your face followed by the BEST ASMR makeup application. This realistic ASMR video contains lots of ASMR personal attention & satisfying ASMR sounds, such as ASMR brush sounds for an incredibly relaxing & tingly experience. This ASMR personal attention makeup session will give you ASMR tingles all over your skin!
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What You Can Expect
On This ASMR Channel I Provide High Quality ASMR Roleplay’s, For Relaxation, Entertainment, Sleep & Awareness Through Very Well Thought Out Concepts. My Niche Is ASMR Medical & ASMR Spa But I Also Offer A Variety Of Other ASMR Roleplay’s.
Upload Schedule
Every Sunday & Wednesday At 9pm GMT/ 4pm EST
00:00 Intro
00:08 Start Of Roleplay: Greeting & Plan
06:46 Putting On Headband (Fabric & Velcro)
07:39 Drink
08:17 Sanitising My Hands (Lids, Foam & Foam Pumps)
08:47 Skin Prep (Cork Lid, Lids, Cotton Pads, Lotion, Dabs, Spraying, Finger Flutters & Face Touching)
18:00 Brushing Your Brows (Brush Sounds & Face Touching)
19:04 Makeup Application (Face Touching, Rattling, Dabs, Taps, Rummaging, Lipgloss Sounds, Brush Sounds, Crinkles, Sponge & Rubbing)
55:18 Looking At Your Makeup
55:35 Removing Headband (Fabric & Velcro)
55:48 Round Up & Goodbye
56:04 End Of Roleplay
56:05 Outro
56:16 Goodnight
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